Autism Social Skills Apps for Parents and Families


The Social Skills Edition of the Autism Behavior Toolbox consists of strategies necessary in getting along with others. They help children become more comfortable and competent in social situations. Detailed strategies are presented in 18 areas and are classified according to age level ranging from age 3-12. The app not only includes strategies but reading lists associated with each topic area. Users can create a note to attach to their strategies that can be exported in a book format as a pdf file into iBooks, sent as a text message, attached to an email, or saved to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Parents and teachers can send copies of strategies to one another to assist in program planning and maintain good communication.


Topics covered in the Social Skills App

Strategies for behaviors associated with these areas will be covered comprehensively in this latest app.

  •  Guidelines for improving behavior
  •  Bullying and teasing
  •  Conversational skills
  •  Going shopping
  •  Going to restaurants
  •  Hair cuts
  •  Making friends
  •  Play and leisure
  •  Recreation
  •  Riding a school bus
  •  Safety at home
  •  Safety in the car
  •  Safety in the community
  •  School related social skills
  •  Social skills for school
  •  Traveling and vacations
  •  Visiting the dentist
  •  Visiting the doctor